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what is human design?

Human Design is a comprehensive and integrative system that combines elements from various ancient and modern disciplines to help individuals understand their unique personality, decision-making process, and life purpose. The key components of are:

Human Design Types

Human Design is a system that combines elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system to create a personal chart, or “Bodygraph,”

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Human Design Centers

In Human Design, Centers are areas within the Bodygraph that represent different aspects of an individual’s energy and potential conditioning. There are nine Centers, each

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Human Design Authority

In Human Design, Authority refers to the decision-making process that an individual is designed to follow in order to make choices that are aligned with

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Human Design Gates

In Human Design, Gates refer to specific points or positions in the Bodygraph, which is the graphical representation of an individual’s unique Human Design chart.

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Human Design Strategy

In Human Design, Strategy is a key concept that helps individuals navigate their lives according to their unique design. The strategy is determined by a

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Human Design Sense

In the context of Human Design, the term “sense” is not commonly used in a specific or technical sense. However, based on the principles of

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Human Design Environment

In Human Design, the concept of “Environment” typically refers to the external conditions and surroundings that are most supportive for an individual based on their

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Incarnation Crosses

In Human Design, the term “Incarnation Cross” is a significant concept associated with an individual’s purpose and direction in life. The Incarnation Cross is derived

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About US

We use our experience and advanced AI to create your Human Design Life Blueprint

Human Designs with CEO-AF is your ultimate destination for self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Founded by a passionate team of Human Design experts, our mission is to help individuals unlock their true potential and lead a life aligned with their unique energy blueprint.

We believe that understanding your Human Design is the key to unlocking a life of purpose, fulfillment, and authentic self-expression. Our services are designed to help you navigate your personal journey with confidence, providing you with the tools and insights needed to make decisions that align with your true nature.

Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets us apart in the industry. We take great pride in providing personalized, accurate, and insightful reports, tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.

We are dedicated to creating a thriving community of like-minded individuals seeking personal growth and self-awareness. Through our blog, social media platforms, and exclusive events, we aim to provide valuable content and foster meaningful connections for those interested in delving deeper into the world of Human Design.

Our website utilizes artificial intelligences deep understanding of the Human Design system along with human intuition and empathy to create a nurturing, empowering, and transformative experience for everyone who walks through our virtual doors.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery and embrace the power of Human Design to unlock your unique potential. Explore our website, learn more about our services, and take the first step towards a more aligned, empowered, and purposeful life.


Discover how we make a difference with your free personalized human design blueprint

To begin, we gather essential birth information, such as your birth date, time, and location, which is crucial for generating an accurate Human Design chart. Using this data, our experts generate your unique Human Design chart, which serves as the foundation for your personalized report. This chart illustrates your energy centers, channels, gates, profile, and other essential components of your design.


Drawing upon our expertise, we provide tailored insights and guidance based on your unique design. We delve deep into each aspect of your chart, exploring your Type, Centers, Authorities, Profile, Channels, Gates, and Incarnation Cross to provide you with a holistic understanding of your strengths, challenges, and innate gifts.

Our custom reports also include practical recommendations and strategies to help you navigate your life in alignment with your Human Design. These suggestions focus on empowering you to make decisions, cultivate relationships, and pursue career paths that resonate with your true self.


Our 200+ page custom Life Blueprints are designed to provide you with a powerful tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and transformation. By understanding and embracing your unique Human Design, you can unlock your true potential and live a life of purpose, authenticity, and fulfillment.


Receiving my 260-page custom Human Design report, it was truly life-changing. The in-depth analysis and personalized insights helped me understand my strengths, challenges, and unique gifts. I've never felt more empowered and confident in my life choices, and I'm incredibly grateful for this incredible resource.
Sarah K.
ManIfesting Generator
I've always been curious about Human Design, but the custom report and it exceeded all my expectations. The level of detail and practical advice provided in the report has been invaluable for my personal growth and relationships. I now have a clear understanding of my life purpose and the direction I need to take. Thank you!
Alex M.
The custom Human Design report I received was nothing short of amazing. It was like they had taken a deep dive into my soul and laid everything out in an easy-to-understand format. Since receiving my report, I've been able to make more authentic decisions and improve my relationships with others. I can't recommend enough!
Lisa R.

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