Incarnation Crosses

In Human Design, the term “Incarnation Cross” is a significant concept associated with an individual’s purpose and direction in life. The Incarnation Cross is derived from the positions of the Sun (Personality) and Earth (Design) at the time of a person’s birth. It represents the overarching theme or purpose that an individual is here to express and fulfill during their lifetime.

The Incarnation Cross is determined by the specific gates (hexagrams from the I Ching) activated in the Sun and Earth positions. There are a total of 256 possible Incarnation Crosses, and each Cross has a unique theme and expression.

The Incarnation Cross is composed of:

  1. Sun (Personality) Gate: This gate represents the conscious or personality side of the individual.
  2. Earth (Design) Gate: This gate represents the unconscious or design side of the individual.

To get a sense of the diverse themes associated with Incarnation Crosses, here’s an example of one:

Example Incarnation Cross: Cross of the Vessel of Love (21/45 – 10/15)

  • Sun Gate 21: The Gate of Control
  • Earth Gate 45: The Gate of the Gatherer

This specific Incarnation Cross suggests themes related to control, gathering, and the vessel of love. Individuals with this Cross may find that their life purpose involves learning about control and gathering resources in the pursuit of love and connection.

Understanding one’s Incarnation Cross can provide insights into the broader themes and purpose of their life. It is important to note that Human Design is a complex system, and interpretations can be nuanced. The Incarnation Cross is just one aspect of a person’s Human Design chart, and its exploration is often part of a more comprehensive analysis of an individual’s unique design and characteristics.