Human Design Authority

In Human Design, Authority refers to the decision-making process that an individual is designed to follow in order to make choices that are aligned with their true nature. The concept of Authority is central to Human Design, helping individuals navigate their lives in a way that is in harmony with their unique design. There are several different Authorities, and the type of Authority a person has is determined by the defined or most consistent energy center in their Bodygraph.

Here are some common Human Design Authorities:

  1. Sacral Authority: For Generators and Manifesting Generators, the Sacral Center is the seat of their life force energy. Sacral Authority involves tuning in to the body’s response, often through a gut-level reaction or a simple “uh-huh” (yes) or “uh-uh” (no) response.
  2. Emotional Authority: This Authority is associated with the Solar Plexus Center. Those with Emotional Authority are designed to make decisions after allowing their emotional waves to settle. It involves waiting through the ups and downs of the emotional process before gaining clarity.
  3. Splenic Authority: Connected to the Splenic Center, individuals with Splenic Authority make decisions based on a deep inner knowing or a sense of survival. It’s an immediate, intuitive response that doesn’t involve the mind’s analysis.
  4. Self-Projected Authority: This Authority involves talking through decisions. For individuals with a defined Throat Center, expressing their thoughts and considerations verbally helps them come to a decision. It is a process of externalizing and hearing their own thoughts.
  5. Ego Authority (Heart Center): Also known as “Ego Manifested,” this Authority involves making decisions based on the feelings of worthiness or recognition. Individuals with this Authority need to recognize that their decisions are correct and feel a sense of personal importance.
  6. G Authority (Identity Center): For those with a defined G Center, decisions are based on a sense of whether something feels correct for their identity and direction in life.
  7. Environmental Authority: This Authority involves taking in the opinions and perspectives of others in the decision-making process. It is often seen in people with an undefined G Center or those with open Throat Centers.

It’s crucial for individuals to experiment with their designated Authority to understand how it works for them personally. Human Design emphasizes the importance of waiting for clarity and not making decisions impulsively. By aligning with their Authority, individuals may find that their choices are more in line with their authentic selves and lead to greater satisfaction and fulfillment.